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The Jimmy Jam BBQ Slam & Car Show gets it’s name from a special individual.
James Wray known by his friends as Jimmy Jam was one of the least selfish
people ever to walk the Earth. Jimmy ran the Betty Griffin House thrift store.
He loved helping people and often times gave those in need what they needed
even if it meant not making a profit. After his diagnosis of cancer, Jimmy still
managed to keep the focus on others. Never complaining about his pain or
suffering instead he would search out those close to him and help shoulder

whatever burden his friends were carrying at the time.

Jimmy had a passion for cars and loved following Nascar. Every year at the start of the season he would proudly park his less than stellar camper between the Nascar elite at the Daytona Speedway. Even at the races Jimmy was a crowd favorite and managed to make many friends within the sport. One year, when the heater wasn’t working in Jimmy’s camper, Nascar driver Michael Annett sent some of his pitcrew to fix the problem and would not take any money for the repairs. Michael said it was just the right thing to do for such a great guy. Jimmy never passed up a chance to enjoy barbecue. Did not matter the place, if there was slow smoked meat, Jimmy would be there. Even during his cancer treatments when his pain and nausea was at it’s worst Jimmy would request doggy bags from church bbq fundraisers. Haha He said cancer wasn’t taking bbq from him.

We could not think of a better way to carry on the memory of our friend

The Jimmy Jam event was created to embody everything Jimmy loved. Helping others, BBQ and cars. The money raised at the Jimmy Jam events has gone to help so many. A single mother of 2 girls diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer was having trouble affording her insurance premiums and we have been able to take care of that for her while she focuses on getting better. A mom currently working 2 jobs was not able to make her rent payment in full and we were able to cover the remaining balance for her for 2 months so she could get ahead. A family of 4 lost their home and were in need of the basic necessities and we were able to donate some money to cover the costs.

Every dollar raised at the Jimmy Jam BBQ Slam & Car Show goes to help meet the needs of people throughout our community who could use a helping hand. See the Funding page for details. So please come out and support our event and help celebrate the memory of our friend JimmyJam !

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